People of Siliguri

Only a hundred years ago Siliguri was only a small village with more small population busy with agricultural economy. But after the partition of 1947 and the liberation of Bangladesh at 1971 Siliguri became a famous refugee center. Today Siliguri is one of the fastest growing cities in India. Siliguri is facing a high expansion of population.

According to 2001 census, number of residents was 1,220,275. On 2008 the estimated population became 1,559,275. 53% of the total population of Siliguri is male, other 47% is female. The literacy rate of the people of Siliguri is very high. About 70 % of the populations are literate that is even more than the national average literacy rate (59.5%).Surely the males of Siliguri are ahead in literacy rate .There are 75% literate male, along with 65 % literate female.

Siliguri is truly a cosmopolitan city where the Marwari, Bengali, Bihari and Nepali people living happily. Rajbangshi's were the original population of the city Siliguri, decreasing day by day in number. Marwari's, Punjabi's, Bihari's, Gorkha's and Bengali's are now the most prominent communities in Siliguri. the commonly spoken languages are Hindi, Marwari, Bengali and Nepali.

Siliguri is over flowing with massive immigration of people. Most prominent being the illegal immigrants from Bangladesh, Nepal and migrants from Assam. People of other cities are also entering the city of Siliguri with a heavy stream in search of work as their livelihood. These are certainly leading towards an abnormal growth of population.